Armonizarea abilităților absolvenților și a competențelor cerute de angajatori pentru introducerea mai rapidă a adulților care își îndeplinesc obiectivele de carieră


Găsirea unei soluții pentru o inserție mai rapidă pe piața muncii a adulților și atingerea obiectivelor de carieră prin armonizarea competențele absolvenților cu cele cerute de angajatori.


Our Objectives

Step-By-Step Upskilling: Train the Trainer

Improving the skills of 16 partner organizations staff to deliver quality training in career management, soft skills including: complex problem solving, critical thinking, people management, coordination with others, internship for graduate graduates and analysis and decision making.

Road to Success: Train the Graduates

Developing soft skills and career management skills for a total of 90 education graduates through 9 workshops. Participants will be guided and and supported in their career progression journey.                                                 

Sharing of Methods: Publicizing Project Outputs

Developing a European network of organisations involved in adult education to introduce Path 4 Career outputs into their training.                                                                                                                                                             

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