Project Outputs

Did you know – between 53 to 83% of graduates find themselves taking on jobs which are completely unrelated to their degree? Due to the abundance of vacancies within the hospitality industry, the majority of graduates usually end up taking on jobs such as waiters or cashiers, rather than what they dedicated their efforts of study to.  Also, recent studies show that as well as professional internship experience, employers are focusing on hiring people who possess soft skills such as emotional intelligence, negotiation, critical thinking, and creativity.

This is where Path 4 Career takes action! The project’s ultimate goal is to empower graduates with skills that are often neglected in the classroom however, become crucial assets when it comes to finding a job and developing one’s career.

We have heard and taken on board what employers want and now our aim is to respond to these needs. How do we plan on doing this? The project partners have identified a solution to develop a custom-made training module which will consist of  3 chapters and 3 educational games for higher education graduates which will integrate 3 main topics:

  • Soft Personal Skills.
  • Career Plan Design and Implementation.
  • Professional Internships.

All of the above outputs will be used in 9 training workshops with a total of 90 higher education graduates.

Our Objectives

Step-By-Step Upskilling: Train the Trainer

Improving the skills of 16 partner organizations staff to deliver quality training in career management, soft skills including: complex problem solving, critical thinking, people management, coordination with others, internship for graduate graduates and analysis and decision making.

Road to Success: Train the Graduates

Developing soft skills and career management skills for a total of 90 education graduates through 9 workshops. Participants will be guided and and supported in their career progression journey.

Sharing of Methods: Publicizing Project Outputs

Developing a European network of organisations involved in adult education to introduce Path 4 Career outputs into their training.